I was born and raised in Mississauga, the city built around a mall. Years spent having to drive to every destination and usually ending up at Square One.

Nevertheless, in order to maintain the status quo in the eyes of my peers I began my first job washing dishes at thirteen and have since kept a myriad of jobs within the retail, hospitality and automobile sector. Comic books, video games and computers never came cheap. Do you remember what a brand new Commodore 64 cost? I opened my first of several small businesses at 17 and have yet to bore from entrepreneurial endeavors. Pop culture has been ever-present in my life and has spurned me towards a career in visual communication, specifically graphic design.

I completed the four-year graphic design program at Ontario College of Art and Design during a time when cutting-edge software and technology became more accessible. Since then I've dedicated much of my spare time self-teaching new skills such as designing and building websites, 3D modeling and multimedia animation. Working hard to be a well-rounded designer for the future.

whew. This is what I love to do.

(My brother and me. I'm on the left.)